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modestly m candle co.

modestly m modest collection gift boxes

modestly m modest collection gift boxes

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Discover the Perfect Gift: Modest Collection Gift Boxes

Are you in search of the ideal gift for someone special, or perhaps for those who seem impossible to shop for? Look no further – our gift boxes hold the answer. Inside, you'll find two exquisite 8-ounce, all-natural soy candles from our new Modest Collection, along with a hand sanitizer that's sure to bring joy to all recipients!

What's Inside:

  • Two All-Natural Soy Candles: Crafted with passion and care, our candles are a product of our heart's desire to create something extraordinary for candle enthusiasts. Made from the finest ingredients, including clean-burning soy wax and meticulously blended fragrance oils.

  • Hand Sanitizer: A delightful addition to keep things clean and safe. Please note that the hand sanitizer may vary, adding a touch of surprise to each gift box.

Scent Options:

Choose between two captivating scent options:

  1. Blackberry Amber Patchouli & Lavender Eucalyptus
  2. Oakmoss & Fig & Bergamot Fig

Product Details:

  • Candle Container: 8 oz. jar
  • Burn Time: Over 40 hours per candle
  • Crafted in the USA

Our Modest Collection Gift Boxes are the result of a deep-seated passion for creating candles that stand out. We take pride in producing these small-batch treasures, incorporating the best ingredients to deliver a clean-burning, aromatic experience.

When you gift a Modest Collection Gift Box, you're giving more than candles; you're sharing a piece of our candle-loving heart.

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