scent list


seasonal scents:

mandarin cranberry clove:  This zesty scent starts with a blend of mandarins, golden orange and juicy cranberries and finishes out with sophisticated warm spice notes.

cranberry clove:  This decadent scent starts with a blend of juicy cranberries and finishes with warm spicy notes.

home for the holidays: cinnamon and clove mixed with holiday berries, peppermint and evergreen to create the complex Kansas holiday.

spiced cider: Best drink ever.  This fall classic blend features a nice blend of apple slices and orange peels followed by a base of hot cinnamon and warm musk.  Smells just like fall.

spiced caramel: Rich salty butter tones blend with brown sugar create the ultimate caramel accord for this confection. Cinnamon warms the luscious accord while maple cream adds further richness. Vanilla sugar completes the gourmet sensation.


woody scents:

cedar leaf and lavender:  Alluring fields of lavender mingled with tender greens and woody facets create this favorite.

black pepper and birch: This contrasting scent smells of black pepper, cardamom and birch with an added spiciness.  It’s a warm scent with a stand-alone style.

caramel tobacco clove:  The slight hint of orange adds a lift to the tobacco leaf accord that characterizes this fragrance.  Warm tones of oak and clove create dimension for the blend as a base of sweet sugary caramel balances earthy tones.

nostalgia:  Imagine a blend of rich tobacco leaf, cognac, cherry and vanilla combined to create this unique scent that will instantly take you back. 

kansas bourbon: We’ll take a double. This dark, woody blend of cedar and vetiver mixed with intoxicating bourbon mixed with a splash of rum and cognac.  


clean scents:

lemongrass eucalyptus: So bright and fresh, an herbal delight.  Refreshing lemongrass mingled with herbal eucalyptus creates the essence of this enticing aroma.

fierce: Fine fragrance mixed with bergamot, sea salt and amber wood with a hint of citrus, a true classic.

sugared lemon:  This is a modestly m candle co favorite!   Sliced lemons with sweet sugar and a hint of berries.


relaxation scents:

vanilla pear bergamot: An uplifting, crisp citrus blend of bergamot fruit mixed with a creamy sweet vanilla and just a touch of luscious pear. 

lavender chai: This is such a soothing blend. Lavender is warmed with spicy accents of chai for this signature scent.  The sweet base of lavender, clove buds and cinnamon and intertwines with floral tones.

jasmine vanilla:  Soft and subtle, this scent opens with a dewy top note, followed closely by rose petal, jasmine and plumeria, finishing with a sweet vanilla fragrance. 


decadent scents:

I can’t even…cake: A luscious vanilla cake scent surrounded by delectable buttercream icing.  The.perfect.birthday.cake.

ahhh, smores: This delicious buttery blend of graham crackers combined with melted chocolate and sticky marshmallows.  Yum. 

vanilla latte: Rich, dark coffee beans perfectly combined with vanilla to add a smooth, sweet creamy fragrance surely to brighten your day.