charcoal candle
charcoal candle

charcoal candle

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this hand-poured concrete candle looks beautiful in its concrete vessel and is the perfect addition to any space.  the refined cylindrical shape keeps it modern and minimal.  it's a stunning combination! the concrete candle doubles as a beautiful planter once the candle has been burned, perfect for succulents and cacti.  the concrete vessels are poured and finished by hand by the Makerage in Tulsa, OK.  

the scent: blackberry amber patchouli: this scent is a delicate blend of sumptuous blackberries with heliotrope, caramel, vanilla, and amber followed by notes of oud, amber, and jasmine.  

available in three sizes:

large: 5" diameter, 2.8" tall, holds 24oz

Medium: 4" diameter, 2.5" tall, holds 12oz

Small: 3" diameter, 2.2" tall, holds 6oz