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87 + 13 The Good Luck Charm Era Candle

87 + 13 The Good Luck Charm Era Candle

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Welcome to the 'Good Luck Charm Era' Candle: A Fragrance That Echoes the 87 + 13 love story! 🕯️✨

Indulge in the captivating essence of this exceptional candle, inspired by Taylor and Kelce themselves!  As this "Love Story" transports you to a world of emotion and magic, so too does the 'Good Luck Charm Era' candle with its harmonious blend of scents.

Scent Description: Amber, Cocoa, Vanilla, Cedar, Spices, Musk, and Sandalwood combine to create an aromatic symphony that resonates with warmth, sensuality, and enchantment. The scent is an ode to a'Fearless' spirit, and new beginnings.

This candle captures the essence of a 'Love Story' and invites you to 'Shake It Off' as you immerse yourself in its welcoming embrace. 'Begin Again' with each flicker and let the 'Sparks Fly' as the 'Good Luck Charm Era' candle lights up your space.

Experience the magic.  Embrace the enchantment with the 'Good Luck Charm Era' Candle.

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